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  • Enclosed is a clipping from an Anglican Church newspaper published in Southern Ontario in the early 1920's. The reference in the article is to London, Ontario.  If George Hargitt was 85 at the time and if he was born Nov 11, 1837, then this article would have been published in 1922.   Also, since he and his family had arrived in Canada 43 years previously, that would place the Hargitt arrival in 1879.  George and his wife, ‘Aunt Nettie’ must have moved to San Diego sometime after 1922 (presumably to be near some of their children who had moved there previously).  He died there in 1927, Nettie died there around 1956. - B Verchere Feb 1995

George Hargitt Has Produced Hundreds of Works of Art and Developed Two Pupils Who Have Since Been Knighted.

george f hargittSeldom it is that quantity is associated with quality, but anyone who will be accorded the privilege of viewing the creation of George Hargitt, 666 Talbot Street, London’s venerable artist, will be inclined to believe that the sentiment expressed in the opening sentence of this article is a fallacy.

Mr. Hargitt is in his 85th year, and the quality and quantity of his canvas creation are only equaled by the remarkable personality of the man who produced them.

His home is a veritable bower of pictures.  For the most part his subjects are taken from mountain places and water scenes.

His career as an artist has extended over a period of 70 years, and during that time he has produced hundreds of pictures.  And not in the least has work affected his physical or mental faculties.  His eye still retains that youthful fire, and when he talks of his work they sparkle and dance like those of a youth of 18.


Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, some 85 years ago, he was 13 years old when he first attempted to paint. His father was a great admire of oil and water color paintings and according to Mr. Hargitt, has a wonderful collection.  Living in this atmosphere no wonder need be occasioned at young Hargitt becoming enamored with the idea of being an artist.

He never received any training other than that which he obtained b occasionally attending the classes in the School of Statues, Edinburgh.  For many years in the old country Mr. Hargitt taught painting and two of his pupils were knighted.  They are Sir W. Q. Orchardson and Sir John McWhirtle.

Almost 43 years ago,  Mr. Hargitt came to Canada with his wife and family.  He took up farming.  In the summer he worked his farm and in the winter he came into the city and worked at his art.

The majority of 50 large paintings, both in oils and water colors, which were seen this morning, were painted from sketches drawn on the Isle of Arron, in the Firth of Clyde.


Painting of Highland cattle being driven through the mountainous districts of Scotland appeared to be Mr. Hargitt’s hobby.  And it was evident that the artist etches and paints with equal facility in oils and water colors.

He has a notable collection, among which the more outstanding examples of his talent are :  “Northern Ontario Forest Fire,” “Warships in the Mersey,” “Waterfall in the Isle of Arron,” “Scenes on River St. Clair,” “Seashore and Evening on the Isle of Arron,” and host of others.

This remarkable man, who turns out his pictures with almost incredible speed, works six hours a day-never more.  He stated that many artists find that three hours a day is sufficient.  He advises all engaged in creative work to never overtax themselves.  “Keep yourself keen to begin the next day’s work”, he said.

At present Mr. Hargitt is working on several paints, and he stated that invariably they are laid aside for several days before completing them that he might view them with a fresh eye.

He expects to continue for many years to produce pictures at the same speed as at present.  And, judging from the remarkable physical and mental condition of this man of 85 years, there………

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